My Craft


Ancestry and Landscapes

My ancestry is mostly Western European and Irish with some Welsh, Scottish, British, and Scandinavian lines. This possibly explains why I am intrigued by the histories and mythologies of these particular areas. I have always felt out of place in my environment. It is hot, dry, and plains dominate the landscape. I visited England with a family member when I was a child, and I felt like I was finally at home. I belong in a cooler, rainier, more wooded landscape. With one child out of the nest, and one about to be, I am considering changing my landscape.


So Many Traditions, Paths, and Eclectic Mixes

For over two years now I have studied witchcraft and its many paths and traditions. I find I prefer a mixture of green/hedge/cottage witchcraft; working with the elements, herbs, plants, trees, crystals, and nature in general fits me. I also like to include meditation, visualization, divination, and energy work. I was on the fence for a long time about including gods and goddesses in my craft. I was raised in a strictly monotheistic religion, and it’s been hard to change from this mindset. However, the more I study and learn the more at ease I feel incorporating gods and goddesses in my spiritual path. I believe there is a divine energy that is the source of all creation. This divine energy has both male and female aspects as is seen throughout all of nature. Throughout history humans have created mythologies to explain the world and cosmos around them. I see specific gods and goddesses as various aspects of the Divine. I plan on keeping an open mind on this topic because I know my knowledge and beliefs are ever evolving. That being said, I am currently drawn to the Celtic mythologies, gods, and goddesses.


Kitchen Witch by Jane Aspen

Study, Study, Study

Currently I have several modalities of study. I am reading Christopher Penczak’s The Inner Temple of Witchcraft. His book includes practical exercises as well as general information. I’m taking part in my coven’s online newbie course, and I have a lot of books I’m reading. I especially enjoy reading the Green Witchcraft series by Ann Moura and anything by Joseph Campbell. My reading list includes a variety of topics relating to witchcraft, mythology, shamanism, chakras, meditation, and even quantum physics and psychology. As an educator I believe that one’s education never ends. I plan on learning and evolving my beliefs throughout my lifetime.




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