New Moon in Virgo


Virgo blue

As I contemplate setting my intentions for this new moon, I realize that I need to dig deeper. I need to study myself.  I have been a witch-in-waiting. I have been waiting to practice because I still need to study this or that. I have waited to start my personal grimoire because I’m worried I’ll mess up that beautiful journal with my unskilled ways. The time for waiting is over. Stop procrastinating. Now.

I did a very insightful new moon tarot card reading today. I realized that I am ready. I have been ready for some time. So what if I make a mistake? I will learn from it. The reading revealed to me that I am working hard in the present moment to plan for success. I am thankful for the ability I have to judge what is for my higher good and what is not. I desire a change in my life – a spiritual awakening and a spiritual life put into practice – not just theory. I need to release that which holds me back. Patience and perseverance are the keys to successfully manifesting my intentions. I will step into my truth. I am eagerly determined.

Altar 1

My new moon intentions are as follows:

  • I am journaling every day.
  • I am writing a blog post every week.
  • I am following the lunar cycle more closely so I can attune myself with the moon’s energies and see how it affects my craft.

Actionable steps to help manifest my goals:

  • Set alarm early enough to give me time to journal in the mornings after drawing a card for the day
  • Set aside time to study about how to utilize the moon’s phases in my daily life and magickal workings
  • Plan a weekly blog topic and schedule time on Sundays to create and write

Thanks for stopping by today!


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