Bear Spirit


Over the past six months or so I have been inundated with the spirit of the bear. Bears show up in my dreams and meditations. Bears show up in my tarot readings. I see images of bears in the oddest of places. Bear spirit is confident, strong, and protective. Bear spirit is also introspective – seeking solitude and reflection.

During this same time period I meditated on connecting to a matron deity. After the meditation, I drew a tarot card for clarification. I won’t go into details due to the personal nature of such an experience, but it became clear that a bear goddess was open to working with me. I knew that Artemis and Diana were associated with bears, but somehow they didn’t feel right. As I searched my books and internet resources, one goddess stood out – Artio. As soon as I started to read about her I felt at ease. This is the goddess who has reached out to me.

Today I spent some time creating a collage page for my grimoire dedicated to Artio. I wonder what she will teach me?


Dea Artio, the bear goddess, Berne History Museum, Switzerland


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